Facial Recognition used by UK establishments

Time line of facial recognition use in UK policing:

2002-2003 - Gloucestershire Police
Facial recognition technology available via the Ministry of Defence AURORA system.”
Policing of RAF Fairford during Iraq conflict, 12.2002 to 05.2003
Aurora supplied by CGI.

2009 - Metropolitan Police  - used on Custody Suite photographs
Started using biometric facial recognition in 2009 using L1 Identity Solutions ABIS (Automated Biometric Information System) Face Examiner. L1 Identity systems were acquired by Safran in 2011, a French aerospace defence and securities company, and now operates as Morpho Trust.

2014 March - UK Police National Database (PND) - used on Custody Suite photographs
Started using biometric facial recognition on 28th March 2014 using Canadian CGI hardware and German Cognitec facial recognition software.

2014 April - Leicestershire Police – used on Custody Suite photographs
Started trialling biometric facial recognition in April 2014 using NeoFace, supplied by NEC Corporation a Japanese communications company.

2015 June- Leicestershire Police – live facial recognition running via CCTV/IPTV cameras
Remote in the field ‘real time’ use of facial recognition at the Download Music Festival June 2015, system used NEC Corporation’s NeoFace Watch. "Technology was supplied free by NEC, Leicestershire Police do not own. Evaluation of the trial results not available from Leicestershire Police as it was “a ‘proof of concept trial’ NEC have the evaluation of this product.

2015 August – Glasgow City Council via ‘Access
Glasgow ‘smart’ City - ‘Suspect Search’ supplied by NICE Systems. 
‘Soft biometric’ person of interest tracking via CCTV/IPTV cameras in Glasgow city.

Pilot run planned for mid August 2015, delayed due to Privacy Impact Assessment not being signed off, currently not live as of October 2015, evaluation due by December 2015.  Not working in real time, only being used on recorded CCTV footage.  See FOIR response from Glasgow City Council.
‘Access’ joint owned by Glasgow City Council and Serco.

2015 October - Metropolitan Police, Scotland Yard, British Transport Police plus two other UK Police Forces

SeeQuestor "which will be ready for police to trial from October [2015], takes 'dumb' video and makes it smart. The company has worked on three analysis tools for the first trials, but says others could be developed. "We're engaged very heavily with the Met, with Scotland Yard, with counter terrorism in the UK, with British Transport Police -- these are the largest users of CCTV,"
Facial recognition, persons of interest tracking, movement tracking.

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