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Pippa King - 20th Feb 2015 on Talk Radio Europe about the Police National Database storing 18 million photographs for a facial recognition system.

2nd June 2015 - 'The police are now behaving as intelligence agencies' - Steve Jolly(3mins 37sec in) Steve Jolly from NO CCTV tells RT he thinks the police are now behaving as an extension of security services and intelligence agencies.

State of Surveillance (SoS) Podcast #1 - Introductions
5th February 2015 - Pippa King, Katrina Day, Steve Jolly, Nathan Allonby and Steve Hernandez talk about how they have got to the point of making these podcasts.

SoS Podcast #2 -  Police Facial Recognition systems
12th March 2015 - This week we discuss the recent call from the Metropolitan Police for them to access private surveillance camera networks and UK police using facial recognition system running behind CCTV/IPTV.

SoS Podcast #3 - Mind Control

19th March 2015 - In this podcast we discuss RFID bodily devices, effects frequency can have on our minds, subliminal messages and manipulating our emotions.

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